Mother’s Day Menu

Mother's Day Menu

Appetizer and dessert table as self-service, the main course is served at the table.
All dishes are lactose-free and gluten-free. €60/person, children under 12 at 30% price.

Mother's Day Menu
Appetizer Selection
Seasonal vegetable salad
Grilled tofu & aged sherry vinegar
Zero carbon leaves & house dressing
Marinated cucumber & chilli
Organic quinoa & roast peppers
Main Dishes
Spiced beef, baby potatoes, lime pickle, tamarind jus
Salmon, fennel slaw, green beans, potatoes
Marinated cauliflower, spiced pinto bean hummus, green pea-spring onion salsa
Dessert Selection
Alex chocolate & pecan brownie
Mauritian creme brûlée & pink peppercorn shortbread
Traditional apple pie & Mauritian vanilla anglaise
Brewdoo coffee & Barry’s Irish tea
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